machining large mechanical constructions
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O.M.G. is a specialist in precision machining entailing boring, milling and framework constructions to realise medium and large sized products. The company realises structures for the most important global companies in the production of electric energy, manufacturing turbines for gas, steam, wind stations for the production of energy. The combination of professional competences, first-rate machine inventory and selection
of the used materials for machining large steel products, with hundredth of a millimeter tolerances. The company also realises industrial automation systems, highly automated machining lines and transfer lines, on drawing. O.M.G. is the supplier of Gasparin Impianti for which it realises mobile screening and crushing plants, state-of-the-art machines appreciated world-wide for their robustness, production ability and quality of the processed material.


GASPARIN OMG realises large metal framework constructions requiring maximum precision machining and has built turbines and components for electric energy production stations with MegaWatt powers, working for the main world-wide companies, manufacturers of electric energy. The workshops and productive premises allow machining significantly large products, such as framework structures for the large shipbuilding sector. GASPARIN OMG works with professionalism, competence and experience, guaranteeing materials and machining up to the test phase, and with a technical assistance team that works world-wide.

The partnership with one of the best world-wide companies in the manufacture of boring and milling machines, allows GASPARIN OMG to have solutions for the milling, centesimal boring, finishing, extra-long drilling of large products. Highly automated machinery for the machining of up to 9 special steel axes: stainless steel, carbon steel, extra alloy, structured steel, alloyed micro steel, with high yield, martensitic, ferritic and wear-resistant. Having gained experience in the chemical and medical machining and in the tobacco curing sectors, GASPARIN OMG participates in the manufacturing of highly automated industrial machining lines. The company is also equipped for frequent transport given the type of executed machining, as they have their own transport means or contact partner companies for exceptional transport. Therefore, product delivery in Italy or abroad, is also offered.


GASPARIN OMG is one of the leading European manufacturers of mobile crushing and screening machines. Our product range is capable of satisfying all needs, even the most demanding ones.

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